Wednesday, 6 August 2014


It is fascinating to see and hear so many different people in one place. The keen eared can hear many different accents. The Maes is big enough to accommodate a huge amount of people yet it is relatively easy to spot one's friends, family or neighbours along the way. Some of the highlights for me today were watching the children participating in the technology area. So many great ideas, experiments, construction kits, problems to solve and machines to operate. As I get older I am always on the look out for a comfy seat and the Maes did not disappoint. There are picnic tables, benches, deck chairs, sofas, comfy chairs, beanbags and even the odd piano if one is so inclined. There are of course some serious issues in the world today and the Eisteddfod does not shy away from them. There are a large number of organisations promoting peace and understanding as well as aid to many countries ravaged by war. As I was leaving today I watched a quiet group of people forming a line along one of the fences. They were unfurling what looked like a giant scarf and they were holding banners and flags promoting peace and raising an awareness of events in Gaza. I started the day watching young men clog dancing, jumping up over brooms and boxes.I ended the day with the sounds of a song for peace gently floating towards the crowds enjoying the sunshine. Heddwch? Yes, on the maes at least.