Monday, 11 August 2014

That's It For Another Year

The sun has set on the eisteddfod at Llanelli. As if to show how sad the town is to see it go, the heavens opened on Sunday. I am sure those left to take down the site have their work cut out and there have been intermittent bursts of sunshine for them too. I am sure that this must have been one of the most successful eisteddfods of all time financially and that is testimony to the people of Llanelli and Wales in general as well as the many people who came from outside of Wales. Yesterday I started putting together a soundscape of the interviews and recordings I made over the week. Interestingly it was picked up by a blogger in St Louis, USA Mr. Swansea Jack, now there's an American name if ever there was. Swansea took it on himself to promote the blog as well as my photographs of the eisteddfod on my website and for that I am grateful. There are numerous Welsh societies dotted across America and Swansea belongs to one such society the St Louis Welsh Society . Many of the members are 2nd, 3rd or fourth generation Welsh but Swansea is a Jack through and through. He moved out there following a career and a beautiful Irish woman. Behind every great man eh? I would like to think the many people who have taken the time to read this blog and I hope it has given you a good impression of my home town Llanelli of which, I am very proud. In the rugby world there has alway been a friendly rivalry between the Swansea people (Jacks) and the Llanelli people (Turks). It is good to see that this continues even on blogs as can be seen on Swansea's blog Keep checking back here as I am editing more videos and sound to upload here as movies.