Sunday, 3 August 2014


I am finding my way around the maes nicely at the moment. My method is to study the map in the evening along with the schedule for the day. I highlight which events I would like to see and then forget about all of that when I arrive. It is far nicer to do as Dawnswyr Tawerin do and go in a circle. So that is what I do, I go around and around the maes looking for things of interest. Ty Gwerin is one such place. It is so lovely to watch these people demonstrate the old dances of Wales. The costumes are wonderful as is the accompanying music. One can be transported back in time to a much more gentle way of life, why they even have chairs for the audience to sit on. I prefer the bales of hay myself. IF you are going down to the woods (Stradey) today you are sure in for a big surprise IF you visit Ty Gwerin at 11 o'clock.