Monday, 4 August 2014


The last few days have been extremely hard work covering the Eisteddfod. The site is quite large to get around so there is lots of walking. I am struck by how calm and friendly the place is. Everyone is smiling or doing something. The children seem to be at play everywhere on the site. I do enjoy seeing and meeting people through the work. Each day reveals something lovely be it a child immersed in writing or an elderly person absorbed in conversation at a table full of cakes and tea cups. It really is the quintessential portrait of the Welsh. Wherever you look there are the colours of the Welsh flag, dragons, political parties, educational institutions, children's groups, folk dancers, clog dancers, harpists, choirs, farmers and farming implements, church and chapel groups and so many more things we associate with Wales. I spent a little more time in the pavillion today and saw some wonderful performances by children and teenagers. Why then do they get such a bad press? One boy danced his way around an enormous stage filling it with his sheer energy. CHildren leapt high into the air with twists and turns to rival the Royal Ballet. Even though the choirs sang the same songs, each sounded different. The harpists were mesmerisingly beautiful both in appearance and sound. No weeping today just lots of observation of Welsh life at its best in a field in Pwll, Llanelli.